Exhibitors T&Cs

The exhibitor/advertiser shall abide by the following terms and conditions:




Bookings will be confirmed only after a deposit or full payment has been received. On account of the large number of bookings and enquiries we receive, we regret that we are unable to hold spaces prior to receiving a deposit.


Vendors should note all stall payments are non-refundable and are only transferable where possible and at our discretion. The organiser is under no obligation to refund any part of the payment made.


Should you choose to cancel your booking, you are required to submit a request one month in advance.


Stand / Stall Space

Bookings include table hire and seating, as well as a luxury white table cloth. Should you prefer not to have a table, we are able to remove it at your request.  For all other table coverings or decorations, exhibitors are required to bring their own covering or display decoration. We advise against traditional table-top displays where possible, as this makes for improved interaction.


Your display stand size is based on the size of the table. However, there will be room around the table for posters and banners. If you require chairs or grey felt screen boards, please let us know, as we are able to provide these on a case-by-case basis. For any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Exhibitors should also note that some venues do not have WIFI available. Changing room facilities are available at most event venues, though this is not guarranteed. Exhibitors are advised that they are required to remain at the event for the entirety of the event unless alternative arrangements have been made. Should any exhibitor remove their stall earlier than the advertised times, without prior arrangement, they will not be invited to participate at any future events.


For all other requirements, please keep us informed; we will always do our best to accommodate as many of your requirements as possible.


Arrival Times / Tardiness

Arrive at the exhibition stand at least one hour before the start time of the event and be ready 15 minutes to half an hour prior to the event. This will allow us to communicate issues or problems (if any) with exhibits to any exhibitor taking part on the day. We also reserve the right to refuse entry to those arriving later than this.


Should you not show up on the time mentioned, we reserve the right to remove your stand and/or allot it to another exhibitor, terminate your booking without any refund, or relocate your stand at our discretion. This can mean having an exhibition space that is cheaper than the one you booked or being placed at a location different from the one you selected.


Tardiness reflects poorly on the event and the organisers due to exhibitors not showing up or being late. Once your display stand has been removed, it will not be re-installed. Last minute calls/emails will not change our decision to remove or relocate your stand. We also reserve the right to change the position of your stand if/where necessary.


Goody/Gift Bags

Should you want to place your products/literature/promotional materials into your goody/gift bags, you should inform us well in advance by contacting us through our mailing address on or before the date specified.


Whilst we try our best to accommodate your needs, should you fail to meet the deadline, you will lose your chance of having your promotional materials inserted into our goody/gift bags. We have very clear operating guidelines and we expect you to maintain high professional standards in terms of tardiness and meeting deadlines.


The purpose of setting a deadline is to ensure we get enough time to place your insertions in each bag. It is important to bear in mind that we have about 50 exhibitors on average to cater to. Each exhibitor places about 300 insertions into individual bags, which can total about fifteen thousand items.


Please note that the task is extremely tedious and your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated. Whilst we may authorise additional time on request, we cannot guarantee that your promotional materials/products insertions into the goody bags should they not have been sent to us by the date specified. You will not be offered a refund for this.


We do not bear any responsibility for late sign-ups. Our shows are advertised at least three to four months prior to the event so please visit us regularly to keep yourself informed.


Assistance At The Event

Should we ask you for assistance at the event and you agree to provide us the assistance needed in exchange for a discounted display stand or on some other condition, we reserve the right to cancel the request made at any point (which means cancellation of the offer in its entirety) prior to the event.


We shall not be held liable for the cost of arrangement you may have made to provide us assistance. It is very rare that we would ever take back an offer, but sometimes, last minute decisions need to be made.


Changes To The Event

The event may be moved to a different date or venue at our discretion. You’ll be notified in case any changes are made.  This is extremely rare and unlikely and would generally be in the instance that something unexpected happens to the hosting venue beyond our control.



Exhibitors are responsible for Public Liability Insurance. Neither Elite London Events nor the hosting venue will be held responsible for any theft, damage, loss of items or personal injury/death caused to any exhibitor or their agents.


Exhibitors who wish to sell or offer food must have both Public Liability Insurance and Health and Safety Certificates and must supply these to Elite London Events to present to the hosting venue no later than two weeks before the event. Elite London Events accept no responsibility for loss of earnings due to cancellation, bad weather or poor attendance.




Elite London Events strives to promote events to its utmost ability and has a consistent track record of attracting 500 brides and more due to our strong marketing campaigns. However, visitor numbers can never be guaranteed.


We require all exhibitors to do as much promotion as possible. Where Elite London Events provides promotional material, this will be sent out to you in advance of the event.


Where the exhibitor wishes Elite London Events to promote its stall, we ask that all promotional material is supplied to us in good time ahead of the event. Without such material, we regret that we will be unable to promote your attendance at the event.


What We Ask Of You

You are requested to conduct yourself professionally and politely and act in a professional manner towards other exhibitors, members of the Elite team and the public. Failure to abide by the rules may result in expulsion from the show.


You can only promote the products/services as set out in the form and honourany reasonable request from the organisers to remove any products or services that have not been mentioned on the form.


Stands/Exhibits will be allotted on a first come-first served basis until the entire space is filled.


No exhibitor shall be allowed to sub-let any portion of space that has been allotted to them to another individual/business without the permission of the organiser.


All display stands/exhibits need to be prepared and staffed when the doors are opened for the public.


Any specifications or requirements for location of display tables should be requested on the booking form or emailed to info@elitelondonevents.com at least three weeks prior to the event.


You are requested to remove all waste items from the venue from your display stand at the end of the event


You are also required to dismantle your display stand before the advertised time for the end of the event.


You are required to follow all instructions from organises relating to the display and safety of your display stand.


You are requested to abide by the rules and regulations. Exhibitors not complying with the rules may be required to leave the event.


The booking form should be completed fully and emailed to info@elitelondonevents.com. As soon as we receive your form, you’ll be contacted to confirm your booking. It will be assumed that paying the invoice that you have carefully read and agreed to these terms and conditions.


We would like to thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you at this exciting event.


Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at info@elitelononevents.com or call: 020 34880809. We would love to hear from you




All tickets are non refundable and emails obtained by Elite will be forwarded to our exhibitors.


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