Mark Your Calendar… You Don’t Want to Miss This!

15 Mar Mark Your Calendar… You Don’t Want to Miss This!

If you know anything about the wedding world or if you just fancy yourself a good time at a wedding, you know that there are a lot of planning efforts that go into a wedding. More than likely you won’t know what to do with yourself. There will be tons of things that you don’t or didn’t think of. Things that you wished you had thought of. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was something to help with these things? What if I told you that there was?

Is There Such An Event?

The upcoming Elite London wedding show is that event. Wedding shows provide you with an opportunity to get ideas and pick vendors. More likely than not, you’ve heard of events like these. If you haven’t experienced a wedding show, you must. As a bride, you

will not only find tips, tricks, and ideas, but you will also find ways to save money or methods to do things differently that might save you time and money.

Size Does Matter

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There is an astounding difference between a small wedding show and a large wedding show. You wouldn’t believe why, but smaller, intimate shows make total sense. We often think that less is more, but in fact, a little bit goes a long way with any situation. Less is definitely more in the wedding show world!

The Competition

Think about the bride… More than likely if you attend a ginormous wedding show that has hundreds of the same vendors fighting for your attention, how confused would you be? I wouldn’t like it if there were eighty-five different photographers, bakers, dress makers, or caterers vying for my attention. Wedding planning is stressful enough!

Too much competition is also bad for the vendors, imagine how they would feel fighting for each bride’s attention. There may be more vendors than there are brides. If you’re a vendor or business, think about your competition… If you play sports, think about your

competitor… You catch my drift? Well, think about it… If you go to a wedding show that is fitted with hundreds of vendors or suppliers, more than likely you will find that they’re all competing for your business… Competition is great, but in that competition, often times the consumer may actually be forgotten in the fight.

The Feels

These wedding shows aren’t meant to pressure you into something that you don’t want or need, but more than likely there will be some form of pressure with deals and discounts; urging you to utilize them to the fullest.

Feel out the vendors, ask other brides questions, and start a chat when you can. The more info you find out, the more you can gain knowledge and understanding of what you need or want, whether it is for your venue or for your cake, your dress or your DJ.

You’ll Feel Right At Home

The smaller the show the better. More than likely you will find that you will feel more at home with a smaller audience. Less vendors and less people mean more time for you to actually learn about vendors and vendor etiquette , explore what you want, or achieve your goal of getting everything that you desire for your big day.

Number One’s

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Make sure that when you go to an event like this that you take a look around. Don’t be overwhelmed by everyone trying to win your heart since your fiancé already did that! You just focus on you, and what you want.

If you’re going to a wedding show to simply get ideas, be sure that you go there with an open mind. If you’re going to find vendors or suppliers, be sure that you have a good idea what you want from each vendor. But always have a budget and a checklist of what you need in mind.

If you don’t find what you need or want from attending the show the first time, attend another. Most of the time there are more than one wedding shows within a few months of each other. Most times, they do this so that different vendors have the opportunity to get in and show off their services too.

Where Can I Find A Small Wedding Show?

Eap London Sunset edited2

Chelsea, of course… Chelsea, London, that is! There are hundreds of thousands of wedding shows around the world, but this show takes the cake. Elite London Events hosts a series of magical and wonderful event in February, March, May, October, and November. The most recent show that was held on February 12 was a James Bond themed event. This event may have been top secret, but their success is no secret.

Check out the video from past shows here . After you see this video you will want to attend the next event on May 7th at The Doubletree by Hilton London-Docklands. As an extra special treat, all brides will be able to take a two minute FREE boat ride from Canary Wharf Pier directly to the entrance of the hotel. Just quote, “Hilton’s Atlantis Bride” before boarding the ferry. The ferry is just a few minutes walk from Canary Wharf Station.


Elite London only charges £5.00 ($5.29) for their awesome events and £18.00 ($19.05) for a VIP pass. But make sure check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for deals on tickets!

For the fee of £5.00 you will get to enter the show and look around all that you want at the Hilton’s Atlantis Wedding Fair and take home a goody bag at the end. Or you could be one of the Elites of London with Elite London Events VIP pass for £18.00; With the VIP package you will get champagne, canapés, an exclusive goody bag, and access to the vip area.

Give Me All The Deets!

These events are styled by So Let’s Party, they’ve provided a scene for you to fit and flare into easily. They’ve literally set the soft and chic mood to give you the most dreamy experience. When you’ve flared about and fit yourself in for the fashion show, you will see fashion by Filiz Darby , Eloise Alice , and Juliette Michele Marie going down the runway. These models will be decked out in gorgeous gowns with perfect make-up, courtesy of Go Gorgeous London .

But enough about what you’ll see there… Let’s chat about what you’ll experience… Not only will you see styles from Filiz Darby, Eloise Alice, and Juliette Michele Marie, but you’ll also see Anthony’s Collection for your beau too! You will get to experience anything from catering and cakes to finding the perfect set of wedding rings and honeymoon destination!

Now surely this isn’t all that you will find at these events, whether it is a wedding show, a fashion show, or a Christmas show, Elite London Events really pulls out all the stops to give you the most magical and wonderful day for your event. Call them a worry free helper, miracle workers, or magicians. Whatever you wish to call them, they are great! Be sure that you have the time of your life planning your big day. Have fun attending fun

wedding shows to sculpt your perfect day into everything you dreamed of and more! Happy planning!

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